So, BleRiFa is now online for a few days: time to take a tour!


BleRiFa is a toolset of Rigging & Animation addons for Blender.


Here is list of addons currently available, or ‘ready enough’ to have a look on them:


Simple way to choose reference spaces of your bones (eyes or limbs for example)


Generate AutoSnapping tools for your FK/IK limbs, and auto keyframing


Manage your bone groups : selection / muting / etc…


Rename easily your bone chains


Apply Mirror modifier on meshes with shape keys

Switch Anim View

Switch between Graph Editor / DopeSheet with Z


Enhance your foot rigify rigs


Addons are (or will be) released under opensource licence. But, if you want to help, please consider buying them. Help me to get time / money to continue development user support :)

What’s next

Next steps for BleRiFa:

  • Continue development, release beta version, and final version of previously described addons
  • Continue / Start development on several projects that are currently not announced.

How to help

You are a rigger or animator? You are freelance or have an advanced level? You want to help?

  • Want to beta test?
  • Want to discuss about missing features?
  • Want to report bugs?
  • Want to … something else about BleRiFa?

Contact me by Twitter or email

Of course, another way to help me: Buy me a coffee (or more)


And also

You will find on this website some news about BleRiFa.
And some quick notes/links about Rigging / Animation / 3D world (news that I would like share with you).