Hi all,
I’m back after this year Blender Conference. I’d like to make a small report about these 4 days (3 days of conference, and one open house day at Blender Institute).

First, I want to say that it was sooo goooood to meet friends again. And of course to meet some new people :) Each people is truly accessible, including beginers, experts, including Blenderheads and developpers that work for Blender Institute or Blender Fondation.

Big first time for me (even if it was my 5th conference) : I gave a talk on BleRiFa.
First satisfaction : Audience was here (More people than I expected).

If you want to see my talk, here is the video (with my bad english linked to stress) :

After this talk, I can meet some great people to speak about my work :

  • I met Luciano, who tests ExtraGroups tool. We already discuss about this tool on Internet, but it was first IRL time. We discussed about his tests, and ideas for new features / more user friendly use of it.

  • I also met Jason, from Nimble Collective, that I knew only worldwide. He will test ExtraGroups in next weeks. Mass KeyingSets was born after a discussion we had :)

  • Nathan Dillow, newly working for Agent 327 at Blender Institute, is also interested by my work, and he’s currently testing ExtraGroups.

  • I met Lucio & Ivan, from MAD Entertainment. They are currently working, on Blender side, on update / bug correction and new features for Rigify. You can see their talk here. As they said during this talk, they are really interested by ExtraGroups. We next, after conference, discuss by email to know how to setup a bridge between Rigify and ExtraGroups.

  • On another subject, Lucio & Ivan alert me on problems they met on Rigify, that are present on AutoRefSpace too. I added this on my TODO list, I really need to have a better look on it.

  • Then, I met Patrick, that explain me some bugs that he had on Pitchipoy version of Rigify. I started to analyse it, but it will probably be more detailled in another post.

As you can see, these few days on Amsterdam was very successful. This year more than previous ones, I was really a lucky guys to be there :)