Time again to have a look on few past months !

ExtraGroups :

Development goes fast, and a public release may happend before end of spring!

  • New operator: Lock Channels
  • New operator: Keyframing
  • Fix bug reload F8 + keep in right tab
  • Import / Export from file
  • Check to verify that an event if assigned to only 1 mode
  • Bug fixing here and there
  • Lots of new stuff coming during spring (yes, this is a teaser ;-) )
  • Documentation is still to be done/in progress, but I will try to do it before my spring reporting :)


New addon I am working on : Now you can easily shift frames foreward or backward :)


New addon I am working on, in order to construct some UI panels.


Documentation is now updated, based on fall development.

Website update

  • More accessible subscription form
  • More accessible tools page on homepage (image tiles)
  • Some cosmetic changes on website
  • Now, subscribers will receive an email for any new post.

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