What’s new on BleriFa ?


ExtraGroups v1.0 is now released!
The documentation is now completed, and the addon is available on BlenderMarket and Gumroad

  • Now possible to display as popup
  • Copy group / Copy mirror group
  • New operator: Motion Path
  • Select & Visibility are now displayed by default at initialisation
  • Ops are now displayed always at same order at initialisation
  • Name clickable option
  • Event system:
    • New mode for selection: Select and hide others
    • New mode for selection: Select opposite
    • Display label instead of mode directly
    • Possibility to active/deactivate events for each operator
    • Solo mode for Lock ops
    • Mirror events for all ops
  • Manipulator management for selection (gizmo / axes)
  • Store/restore/change active bone of each group
  • Import / Export:
    • color / gizmo / axes / active bone
    • import/export what ops are displayed
    • import/export order of ops
  • color management directly in UI / only editable on edit mode
  • Better UI for all addon preferences / options, …
  • Non blocking solo mode
  • Some bug fixing here and there


  • Completly new system to avoid some matrix issue (when using Selection to cursor). No user interface difference, but core stuff is completly new. Still need some work before a first private beta release.


  • It’s now possible to create interface for any properties of any objects of your scene.



  • FootRollBreak is now available on Gumroad too
  • Updating documentation to explain how to use FootRollBreak on linked rigs.

Mass KeyingSet

On BleRiFa website

  • Some layout updates here and there
  • Tools are now displayed on homepage with tiles layout
  • Massive refactoring of permalinks
  • And a new blog post about ExtraGroups v1.0 release

On Julien Duroure website