As you may have seen, it has been a long time since I posted any news here. Version 2.80 was released last summer, and since then, the only work done has been the conversion of the code to version 2.80+ of the following tools:

The following tools will not be ported on version 2.80+:

  • SwitchAnimView, because now this functionality is included by default in Blender (but the repository is there anyway)
  • FootRollBreak, because Rigify has evolved a lot since, and the code is no longer really usable (but the repo is there if you want)

So life goes on, I don’t have time to develop all these tools. This is why I decided to make the code available to whoever wants it! It’s here:

And as a bonus, two code repository that people ask me regularly. The migration to version 2.80+ is not done, but the code being available, I hope someone will perform it!

I wish the best for these lines of code! Don’t hesitate to fork, and/or comment if you find these tools usefull!