Getting Started

If you don’t know how to install Addon, read following documentation.


Reference System

Adding Reference System

There are multiple way to create a new system:

  • If no bones are selected, this will create an empty system

  • If bone(s) are selected, this will create a new system and fill data:
    System Detail

    • Active bone (last selected) will be set as Bone that will have RefSpace
    • Selected bones (but not active) will be set as Reference bones

  • You can copy an existing Reference System
  • You can mirror copy an existing Reference System

Data in Reference System

  • Label: Label of dropdown list that will be created
  • Bone: Bone that will have a dynamic Reference space
  • Reference Bones: List of Reference bones of bone ‘Bone’. There is multiple way to fill them:
    • Select all corresponding bones, and click on ‘Fill from Selection’
    • Click on ‘+’ button, and fill name of bone at bottom of list, or click on bone icon when your bone is active.
  • Reference Bone Labels: For each Reference Bone, you can choose a label that will be displayed in dropdown list. By default, labels are bone names.
    System Detail

Activate Reference system


This will activate your corresponding Reference System. A dropdown list is now displayed (with labels filled).


You can now change Reference Space for your bone.
Click on ‘activate’ again to disable dynamic references, and be able to perform modification on this system.
Note that is mode is only used for tests. Do not try to insert keyframes on this dropdown list.
Use ‘Generation’ to continue process, and be able to insert keyframes on Reference Space.



Clicking on ‘Generate’ will create a new panel with dropdown list for all your Reference System (not only active one, as it can be with ‘activate’).
Corresponding dropdown lists are displayed only when bone(s) is/are selected.



You can choose where this panel will be displayed (tool or property sidebar of 3D View).

If data are empty, data from Addon Preferences will be used

Once Generated, Reference systems can’t be edited anymore. You have to click on ‘update’ if you want to update your data, and click on ‘Generate’ again.


Once generated, this Addon is no more used, and you can now use Reference Space changes on all Blender installation, without need of install/share the addon with .blend file.

Addon Preferences

On left side, you can choose : pref_1

  • Which tab of tool sidebar will display this Addon (before generating).
  • Default data used for generation if you leave them empty.

On right side, data used for mirror copy:
Default data are filled when you first create a Reference System, or by clicking on button ‘Init Sides’.
On created table, you can manage side suffix used on your rig.
By default, common suffixes used are already filled.