Getting Started

If you don’t know how to install Addon, read following documentation.


FootRollBreak is an addon that enhance Rigify rigs, adding FootRollBreak feature on existing rigify rigs.
FootRollBreak let’s your foot have a natural fold / unfold when you roll it.

Quick start

  • Install FootRollBreak addon, and activate it.
  • Select your rigify rig, and got to armature data properties. A new panel is there :)
  • Patch your rig (works on both Human & Pitchipoy rigs)
  • A new panel can be found on 3D View properties panels (N), near other rigify panels.
  • That’s it ! Enjoy :)
  • FootRollBreak will remain enabled on your rig, even if you disable/remove the addon.


How to patch your rig ?

  • Make sure that you select your rigify rig (not the metarig, the real rig, after rigify generation)
  • On Armature Properties, find the new panel “Rigify FootRoll Break Patch” Screenshot patch

  • Patch your rig by clicking on button “Patch FootRoll Break” (works on both Human & Pitchipoy rigs)
  • Button is now replaced by a text “already patched!” Screenshot patch

  • Enter Edit Mode on armature, adjust new bone “toe-top” to define toe rotation pivot point. Back to pose mode. Screenshot patch

How to use your new FootRollBreak feature?

  • FootRoll Break is Off by default. If you try to roll your foot, nothing happened.
  • A new panel can be found on 3D View Properties
    Screenshot patch

  • Activate FootRollBreak (enable corresponding checkbox)
    Screenshot patch

  • Try to roll your again :
    • At angle defined in parameter, your foot starts to take off, and your toes starts to unfold.
    • At “angle max”, defined in parameter, your toes are totally unfolded.
    • In some uncommon cases, foot have some unnatural motion path. In that case, you can tweak “corrective angle” to have a better movement.

      Screenshot patch Screenshot patch

Using FoorRollBreak with linked rigs

Same way you have to link text for Rigify UI, you have also to link (and register) the 2 following texts ending with :



Current version works only on biped rigify (default Rigify Rigs for example), but doesn’t work with one-leg rigs, or more-than-2-legs rigs.

How to report bugs ?

You can report bugs on Issue Tracker

Version History

  • v 1.0.0
    • Date: 25 MARCH 2016
    • Change logs:
      • Initial release