Getting Started

If you don’t know how to install Addon, read following documentation.


FramShift is used to shift easily frames (forward or backward).

How it works

Currently, this addon works only on pose mode (so only for rigs).

Where ?

It can be used:

  • On DopeSheet
  • On GraphEditor
  • On TimeLine
  • On 3D View

How ?

When pressing Shift+Q, it will shift foreward all keyframes that are next to current frame. Pressing Alt+Shift+Q will shift backward all keyframes next to current one. If you try to go backward to much, addon will not let you delete keyframes or overlap between them.

How many ?

Number of frame to shift is defined in operator parameters. By defaut, is set to 1.
When you changed it (after using Shilf+Q or Alt+Shift+Q), frame number is saved, and this new value will be used for next call of operator. You can also change backward/foreward.


Addon Preferences


  • You can change key shortcut
  • You can choose if shifting is applied only on selected bones, or on entire rig.

How to report bugs or request new features ?

You can report bugs on Issue Tracker